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                      FUWEI WOOD INDUSTRY (NINGBO) CO.,LTD
                      Main products: HDF,MDF/ PB/ Melamine Faced Boards/ Paper Faced Boards/ UV Boards(high gloss/matt)
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                      FUWEI WOOD INDUSTRY (NINGBO) CO.,LTD
                      Add:No. qihu Industrial Park, Haishu, Ningbo, China
                      Email:[email protected]
                               Paper Faced Board >> FWPB >> FWPB-002
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                      .We mainly manufacture MDF board,partical board,plywood,film faced plywood.The MDFboard ,partical board and plywood can be stick with melamine or natural wood veneer. MDF with melamine faced Specification: 1220*2440mm       Different dimensions can be made as required. Thickness: 2.5-25mm Core: Poplar, hardwood,poplar&hardwood Glue: E1,E2 Density: 750-800kg/m³ Veneer: can be sticked with melamine faced or natural wood veneer Features: Smooth surface, texture density, Stable performance, firmly edge, avoiding a rising, bug eyes and other defects, easy to process, especially for curved and profiled design.  Uniformity quality, strong bending strength, small Swell rate, do not warp, no cracking, easy to stick with veneer, no processing defect, stong bond, strong nail-holding ability. Application: MDF board can be used for floor timber, door, partition,furniture. Some high density board can also be used for audio, interior decoration fo vehicle, security door, clapboard, etc.

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