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                      FUWEI WOOD INDUSTRY (NINGBO) CO.,LTD
                      Main products: HDF,MDF/ PB/ Melamine Faced Boards/ Paper Faced Boards/ UV Boards(high gloss/matt)
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                      FUWEI WOOD INDUSTRY (NINGBO) CO.,LTD
                      Add:No. qihu Industrial Park, Haishu, Ningbo, China
                      Email:[email protected]
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                      Altogether 5 a product

                      Fuwei insists on promoting the quality especially for the formaldehyde content of boards. We established our own testing lab to do the random testing (perfprator test) for boards from factory to make a good control.
                      All the test results of MDF/PB that Fuwei sold could meet E0 or E1 standard as customer required. And also Fuwei can supply the boards fulfilled the CARB P1/P2 standard.

                      Particle Board-1

                      Particle Board-2

                      Particle Board-3

                      Particle Board-4

                      Particle Board-5
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